What Is PostAssure?

PostAssure is a social media service that takes the burden of managing your social media off of you.

Don’t know what to share?

Your dedicated PostAssure Account Manager will craft a plan for you! All you have to do is take pictures and upload them to the portal!

Don’t know what to say?

That’s OK, we say it for you!  Your dedicated PostAssure account manager is a skilled copywriter and knows how to talk “social”.

Don’t know where to share?

We do! That’s all you need to know.  We will schedule your post at the most optimal platform and time!

Leave The Social Media Management To The Experts

PostAssure Account Managers are more than just skilled and experienced marketers. They are also strategists, designers, copywriters, and reputation managers, often all on the same day.
Successful social media marketing requires managing diverse responsibilities. Social media efforts can be supported by third-party tools, but they require training and time. Social media platforms are constantly changing, so keeping up with them requires even more time and training.
If your social media strategy is the one marketing strategy you pay the least attention to, it’s time to change that!
Leave the social media management to the experts at PostAssure, free up hours of your time each week so that you can focus on strategy, business development, and growth opportunities.

Why You Need Us!

We Work With You & For You!

Our goal is to grow your business. With a well thought out digital marketing plan, we will increase your followers and fans, engage with them, and respond to comments and questions.

It’s our job to make your social media marketing successful. To do this, we need to know all about your business, community, your assets, your team, the products you sell or services you offer.

PostAssure account managers work directly with you to learn everything we can about you and your goals. You tell us what’s happening, we write your story, and then share it. It’s that simple.


We Make Your Social Imprint Impactful!