Planning a social media campaign for your organization can seem daunting, but the reward is immense. Aimlessly creating content and hoping for the best is a waste of your time and resources and who has time for that? Creating an actionable plan for your campaign that aligns with your goals will make everything much easier and run smoothly. It will also give you a better understanding of which actions produce the results you are looking for for your organization

Before planning content to share with current and potential customers, you must understand your industry and its presence on social media, as well as what your competitors are doing. Find your competitors on various social media platforms and get a feel for what they are doing. Do they engage with their followers? How often do they post? Are they managing their reputation well? Use what you like and don’t like and adjust your plans accordingly. Take into account how their audience reacts to their content and how responsive they are.

Setting progressive goals will also help to guide your initiatives to achieve them. Make sure your goals align with your organization’s values and are realistic and attainable. Don’t set lofty goals and then not anticipate the occasional setback or set too short of a time frame to achieve these goals. Creating a well thought out campaign also promotes a more organized process. How can others that are working with you know what comes next or the flow of actions that should occur throughout this project? Having a planned campaign is worth the time and will make for a much easier time in the long run.