You want to get your brand or business on social media, but where do you begin? It is hard to start if you do not have an end goal in mind. First, you must set goals in order to effectively plan what kind of content to produce. These goals can be qualitative or quantitative, it is all up to you and the results you would like to see.

Here are some important things to consider when identifying your goals:
1.) Make your goals clear and understandable. The more broken down the goals are, the more easily understandable and achievable they are. Be sure to analyze why you have chosen this goal for you or your organization. Why is it important? You will also want to be sure your goals reflect the values of your organization and are a good representation of the people that are associated with it- including YOU!
2.) Realistic: Is it possible to achieve what you are wanting to achieve? Since PostAssure and your business will be working as a team, it is essential for our goals are tangible!
3.) Threats: Are there possible interferences or issues that could get in the way of you achieving your goals?
4.) Measure: Finally, your goals should be measurable and understandable.

Important things to consider include the number of likes and followers your pages receive, an increase of brand awareness, and how many people are engaging with your content. An increase in positive customer feedback is both a qualitative and quantitative goal that can help you to understand if your organization is improving.