Like a Vacation, One Must Plan!

Planning a social media campaign for your organization can seem daunting, but the reward is immense. Aimlessly creating content and hoping for the best is a waste of your time and resources and who has [...]

One Must Set Goals!

You want to get your brand or business on social media, but where do you begin? It is hard to start if you do not have an end goal in mind. First, you must set [...]

One Must Engage Others

Engaging with others, whether with someone who already knows your organization and its services or a potential new client, creates brand awareness. Social media acts as an open forum for people and brands to interact [...]


Setting Goals

You want to get your brand or business on social media, but where do you begin? It is hard to start if you do not have an end goal in mind. First, you must set [...]


One Must Engage

Okay, you’ve planned your strategy to meet your goals and what you want your content to achieve, you’ve organized your content and when to post it, and now you’re ready to post your first social [...]

One Must Respond

 You made a great what? Be sure to respond to all comments you get from people on your post.  Doing this and making a habit of it helps your current and future customers learn [...]

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Facebook is the number one used social media platform worldwide.  With the “stay at home” rules of Covid-19, the times Facebook users are online has changed drastically.  Want to know the best times to post now?


With a great majority of the nation either out of work or working from home and disconnected due to social distancing, they are socializing on Instagram.  Want the most out of your posts?  Post when most users are active!


If you want the latest news on Covid-19, follow Twitter news accounts.  If you want to read how crazy this lockdown is making people, read the comments!  If you want to know when most people are engaging on Twitter,

Linked In

With the majority of professionals working from home or laid off, many are looking for other career options. LinkedIn is a great platform to network.  Check out the latest updated optimal post times to post and network.

Social Media Platforms…Did you know?

Facebook is the largest platform to date.

It has a whopping 2.5 billion active users as of December 2019 and continues to grow every day. Facebook brings in a wide audience with the average user being 40.5 years old. This allows businesses on Facebook to have a wider customer base. Businesses can make company pages that showcase their services, give an overview of their company and its history, and interact with its customers through posts, comments, and messages. Facebook promotes brand awareness, drives business to your website, and keeps your customers informed about what great things are happening with your company.

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Twitter is all about communication.

Twitter is a fantastic platform for businesses to regularly communicate with their customers in a public setting and promote products that gain more popularity than they would through traditional advertising. Followers of business pages can like, comment, and “retweet,” or curate your content to their accounts, thus informing their followers of your products. Hashtags can also be used to reach new accounts and could potentially lead to more followers and customers. Twitter has 330 million active users with most users ranging  from 18-29 years old.

Instagram is taking the social media world by storm.

Recently purchased by Facebook for $1 billion, Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform with 26.9 million users. Business pages allow companies to intimately share what exciting things are going on, money-saving deals, and new products while on a platform that allows feedback through likes, comments, and direct messages. The use of hashtags allows your posts to be found by new users that do not follow your business account, potentially leading to new customers! Instagram has a wide age range of users, but most fall between 18 and 34 years old.

Every business needs a Google My Business account.

Every business needs a Google My Business account. This is a free business listing where you can add your business services and information, address, hours, phone, etc. and once verified, you will be added to Google Maps. As a business owner, you are also able to post to your listing in order to add more content and optimize SEO.

LinkedIn is known for those seeking employment and businesses looking to hire.

​LinkedIn is known for those seeking employment and businesses looking to hire. LinkedIn simulates in-person relationships through “connections” with other users. These connections could be created through having previously worked with the other person, being alumni from the same institution, or with a previous employer. Businesses can benefit from LinkedIn by finding new employees, bringing awareness to their brand through blog posts and interacting with others, and form trusting and informative relationships with other users.