Okay, you’ve planned your strategy to meet your goals and what you want your content to achieve, you’ve organized your content and when to post it, and now you’re ready to post your first social media post as a part of your social media campaign. First, make sure your post is sent out at an optimal time for the platform it is to go on and for the industry you are in. Refer to the awesome charts on our planning page. Now that you have posted your first post, what comes next? Many companies think that is all that has to happen in order to grow their social media, but this does not make everything fall into place. Engaging with your audience after you post is key. 

Be sure to respond to all comments. Not only does this help your current and future customers learn more about your business and create stronger relationships with them, but the more people are engaging and talking about your business page, the more your content is curated throughout the site. That means your opportunity for new people to see your page increases.