You are the voice of your company.  You must encourage reviews, respond to, and thank people for giving a great review and respond to and fix bad reviews.  Doing all this lets people know that you are listening! You will be surprised how important this is to many people. They just want to be heard. Go beyond reviews and comment back to anyone what posts on your page.  Thank them for visiting for community or business, thank them for choosing your service, or simply taking the time to leave kind words.

Negative reviews….well, we all get them.  First rule of NR (negative review) is don’t panic.  Second Rule of NR is don’t be upset!  Third rule of NR is don’t take it personally.  Some organizations just aren’t for certain people or perhaps it was an off day. You can ease the fire of a negative review by apologizing that they had a less-than-perfect experience with you and that you would like to learn more about the incident so you can get to the bottom of it. From here, you can learn more about how the customer was feeling and what they experienced. You can use this information to both better your organization and show others that read this review that you have put forth the effort to reach out to your unhappy customer to make things right. As you speak with the person that had a negative experience, you may also be able to persuade them to take down their post or revise it to show that you have made the effort to make them happy.