When planning social media processes, people generally only think about content that will be posted and believe everything will fall into place from there. But how will new people find your organization’s social media pages if they don’t already follow your page? This is why engaging with your audience-along with potential new audience members-is so important. Making room for engagement is part of creating a successful social media campaign. When engaging with others on social media, it is also essential to understand the platform you are using and the different atmospheres of each one.

Engaging with others, whether someone that has utilized your organization and its services before or a new potential client, creates brand awareness. How will people become new clients if they do not know you exist? Social media acts as an open forum for people and brands to interact with new, untapped audiences. It also creates relationships. The more your brand interacts with other brands or people and their content, the more likely they are to interact on your content. From here, relationships can form and can transfer into real, money-making clients.

Engagement also allows current and potential clients to ask questions, get to know more about the services or products your organization offers, and the values of your organization. When people get a response to their comments or messages, they know that someone is listening and is prioritizing these responses. It makes them feel special and further progresses the relationship between them and your business.

As you engage with other accounts, whether through commenting on their content or responding to their comments on yours, understanding the platform that is being used and the atmosphere it has is key. What is the age range of the majority of the people that use this platform? Should your content and comments be more professional or laid back? What tone do you want your organization to have? All of these should be considered when planning your social media campaign.